Become a Territory Owner for and FEBRUARY OFFER



What is the Company?  
A Powerful Sales and Lettings platform built for Estate Agents that is completely different from anything else out there.
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The most feature packed platform for Landlords and their Tenants
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What's a Territory?

The WHOLE postcode area, for example:
Southampton postcode area is SO, this would be your area. All income generated on a monthly basis comes directly to you!

How Does it Work?

We charge you a monthly fee for 1 site or both sites depending on your choice. The websites charges a monthly subscription for users to access and run their business/properties. 

Is There an Upfront Fee Payable to Become a Territory Owner?

Often you see this and there's a dreadful figure in the £1000s! Well, we work differently and that means so does our pricing. For the whole of February our launch price per territory is just £250! This is normally £500. That is the total upfront price to become a territory owner. Once this has been paid your payment to us is due by Bank Transfer on the 1st of every month.
Development is underway for Territory Owners login admin, your monthly payment will not start until this has been completed. Estimated time end of February beginning of March.

Can I Own More Than 1 Territory?

Yes, you can own as many as you like, however there is no discount for more as our pricing has been kept very low.

What Would be My Role?

Well, it sounds to good to be true but really the only job would be gaining business for your territory, this could be by social media, adverts, word of mouth, speaking to agents, landlords etc etc. You will have your own login on the site which will give you your stats and earnings etc. On the site you will have your profile and contact details.

How Do I Get Paid?

To keep things nice and easy, payments from Landlords and Estate Agents would be paid directly to you. Our clever system will automatically create invoices for you every month for your customers.

What's The Monthly Fee I Pay as a Territory Owner?

Each site is priced at £75 per month, if you want them both it's £100 per month.
For the first year it's fixed at £100 per month, then after 12 months we take an additional 10% of your earnings per month. 

What Do You Do For This Charge?

Basically everything, we offer full support to all your Estate Agents and Landlords, we deal with all enquires of any nature, we make sure the sites are running as they should and keep developing new features and upgrades. We welcome your new customers and setup the site ready for them. Accounts are active instantly.

Pricing for Estate Agents & Landlords

You decide what price for but on average for an agent the price would be £80-£100 per month, has prices on the site but you can charge what you want, it's your territory!

What's The Potential Earnings?

Well, there is no limit, but the more the site is promoted by yourself the more income available. You could get new customers signing up straight from google, facebook or wherever. What we plan to do is have a forum for our territory owners where everyone can discuss tactics and what works best.

Why is This Not Expensive?

We are a family owned software business, we don't have massive overheads or loads of staff to pay, we developed the whole system this way to avoid massive overheads. By making this affordable it works both ways! We are based in Hayling Island so we could not be anymore South, it's impossible for us to cover the whole of the UK without massive spending on Google which is crazy.

Please Note: As a Territory Owner you will not be able to access any personal data of any 3rd Party Estate Agents and Landlords customers. All of this is strictly confidential and only viewable by the team. 

What Next........

Please send text with your postcode to Trevor 07484 622559 and he will call you ASAP to discuss further. You can register on the sites and have immediate access to the system.