Featured Agents slots

We are now taking reservations for your agency to be a FEATURED Agency on our website aimed at vendors and landlords. Prices start from £20+vat per month and includes 3 featured slots.

Choosing to feature your agency will give you 3 times more exposure on our website.

  1. Your agency highlighted and appearing at the top of the search results for your postcode/area. Includes featured stripe and star and blue background.
  2. Your company logo appearing on the top of your local competition, when clicked goes directly to your webpage. Please note that Estate Agents who are members of EstateAgent.me do not have featured results appear on their pages.
  3. Your company logo appearing underneath the ‘Request a Valuation’ form, this only appears when the user has clicked submit. A great way to gain new instructions. After moderation by our team you receive the valuation request. Please note that Estate Agents who are members of EstateAgent.me do not have featured valuation requests appear on their pages.

Please email agents@estateagent.me to find out more.






Professional Property Photographs in Hampshire

We are proud to announce our new service for Estate Agents and Vendors/Landlords. EstateAgent.me can now offer professional high quality wide angled (10mm) photos for your properties. In some cases we can offer a same day service if booked early enough.

Prices start from £75+vat for vendors/landlords, very competitive prices for estate agents so give us a call. Ring Trevor directly on 07718 203909 to discuss and arrange a home visit.

Please find examples of our work.



Forwarding an offer

Whilst speaking to some Estate Agents this morning about our system, one agent surprised me. We were running through everything and we got to the viewings page, then onto offers, when entering the offer I informed him that our website would automatically email the vendor or landlord that they have received an offer on their property, he said that he was not happy with this as he would like to phone them and inform them.

Now, is it me or does this seem odd in today’s world?

Let’s say I am a vendor, i’m appointing an Estate Agent to sell my house, so in a way i’m employing them for an agreed commission, their job is to market the propertyand update me ASAP with everything. In years gone by, yes, the call would be used, but with all our technology now at our fingertips it’s very much dated. I would like to be informed of EVERYTHING that’s happening with my sale, all viewings and offers, buyers position etc. The call can always follow, with most people being unable to answer the phone and many times just going to voicemail how would the vendor/landlord respond? They get back from work at 6pm and the agent’s office is closed, time wasted, another day needed and could have lost the sale.

I would like to hear your comments on this please?