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We have just launched a new video explaining our services, have a look and tell us what you think.

Estate Agent software


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Estate agents demonstration video

We have been receiving alot of interest lately for our product so we thought we would make a quick screen recording to show just how easy our system is to use and how fast you can arrange everything.


We first start by adding a FOR SALE property (For sale or For rent), then we show adding a viewing, then a 2nd viewing, offer, offer rejected, new offer, offer accepted then finally moving to live chain.

As you will see in the video it is SO easy, fast and records everything while you progress.

We offer agents a 7 day free trial. No downloading needed, just login, unlimited users.




Online Agents moving fast Sales and Lettings

We have recently been emailing and tweeting different deals and offers, what really does come as a surprise is the amount of high street agents compared to online agents who show interest. Are high street agents slowly drowning from their own model?

If you were a vendor or landlord what would you go for? We all have smart phones that receive emails and everyone loves to be updated immediately with their property sale/rent progress, how would a high street agent update the vendor/landlord of a viewing or an offer? I’m guessing it would be over the phone, then the phone not being answered so leaving a voicemail, then a member of staff having to receive the call ‘if’ the person can call back in work time of course as they are probably at work.

Our solution to agents is a platform that notifies the vendor/landlord immediately of activity for their property, straight to their email and saved in their account, no one really needs SMS now as it costs money and very slow, it’s dated for business. Our system also notifies the viewer of their viewing time and allows them to provide feedback for the agent and the vendor immediately by logging in, all for no cost of course.

If I were an Estate Agent I would be very concerned about the new breed of online agents who are leaping ahead with communication and service, that’s why our platform will take the high street agent into the future ahead of the online estate agents.

We offer a 7 day trial for Estate Agents, you can apply here: 


Floor Plan Builder now live in BETA

We are pleased to announce the launch of our FREE Floor plan builder, yes who did read it right, it’s 100% free, create your very own floor plans for free.


Email your completed plans in JPG or PDF format to any email address.

We guarantee you this is the easiest floor plan creator who would ever use, you really can create a plan in minutes, once completed you can save the plan to your account, if you are an DEA or an Estate Agent you can save unlimited plans to your account, in fact anyone can save plans, they are linked to your email address and password.

Many floor plan websites charge you per plan or a monthly subscription charge, not us, it’s free. Select what measurements you want to display and work with and start drawing.

If you love how easy it is then please tell your friends and co workers, if you want to link to our planner then please feel free to do so, here is the link:

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Floor plan builder image

Create and email floor plans for free



Postcode Featured


Choosing to feature your agency will give you 3 times more exposure on our website.

  1. Your agency highlighted and appearing at the top of the search results for your postcode/area. Includes featured stripe and star and blue background.
  2. Your company logo appearing on the top of your local competition, when clicked goes directly to your webpage. Please note that Estate Agents who are members of do not have featured results appear on their pages.
  3. Your company logo appearing underneath the ‘Request a Valuation’ form, this only appears when the user has clicked submit. A great way to gain new instructions. After moderation by our team you receive the valuation request. Please note that Estate Agents who are members of do not have featured valuation requests appear on their pages.






The calendar is now in your admin account, all viewings and valuations are automatically inserted and colour coded. Easily filtered, more to come!

Image of Calendar for Estate Agents

Free Floor Plan creator UPDATE

Update from our developers creating our floor plan creator, free for everyone to use. We are just implementing a zoom feature to cover the situation if the property is very large. This way we can cover all situations. All plans will have the logo watermarked and will have a disclaimer.


Site update

Well, it’s been a little bit longer than expected but we are finally ready to start accepting Estate Agents, Vendors, Landlords and Solicitors to use the website. We have added so many features to the website it going to be the best site for agents to use but also with low fees.

Sales and Lettings Property Management, unlimited users, unlimited properties, auto account creating, property download folder from Rightmove, Zoopla and PrimeLocation, Estate Agent Reviews and Valuations.

If you are an Estate Agent and don’t even try this software then be prepared to lose new valuations to your nearby competitors!

100% Cloud based, no downloads, no contracts, use on any PC, Tablet or Phone.

Call Trevor 0845 017 0862

Estate Agent Software